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We specialize in carrying out projects, delivery and assembly, launches and maintenance of devices and systems in:


We fulfill investments from the beginning: design, economic and engineering consultation, where we recognize individual needs of our Clients, people we work with and we adjust our offer to their demands.

We build our refrigerating systems with parts from reputable companies, that guarantee that they will function correctly and will be reliable.

After the system launch, we deal with them within our guarantee service.

After the guarantee is over, we offer You a post-guarantee service, this and other components are the nature of work of people who trust us.

Every case is performed comprehensively by our Product Engineers.

An offer can be send via e-mail, to determine the details.

Those are some of our offers:

  1. evaporative spray condensers, shell and tube condensers, air condensers,
  2. Spare parts to refrigerating apparatuses, condensers, compressors, pumps, filters and other parts of industrial systems. Please contact us for more details,
  3. New and used refrigeration compressors,
  4. Ventilation units,
  5. Ammonia pumps, glycol pumps, water pumps,
  6. Stop, three-way, regulating and cooling valves,
  7. Vents,
  8. VRF air-conditioning units,
  9. Freezing tunnels,
  10. POC tanks, liquid tanks,
  11. Separators,
  12. Fire protection systems, sprinkler systems,
  13. Legalization of safety valves,
  14. Technical consultation,
  15. Tank repairs,
  16. Audiovisualization of work systems of industrial systems,
  17. Controlling the processes of industrial systems,
  18. Assembly and disassembly of cooling tunnels,
  19. Outsourcing,
  20. Refrigerating systems using various refrigerants: ammonia, carbon dioxide, Freon, glycol and others
  21. Converting a refrigerating system operating on a withdrawn refrigerant for a new refrigerant,
  22. Commissioning and parameterization of industrial automation systems,
  23. Control by dissolved inputs/outputs ET200SP integrated with a controller,
  24. Process variable sensors of pressure mounted in pipelines.

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