• New Logo

Thirty years ago we started our company.

After all this years it is time to change our characteristic logo.

The new one refers to the one we designed three decades ago.

Three blue horizontal lines on the top left corner are a symbol, or maybe a diagram, that contains our happy “Inuit” and the cloud. It has nothing to do with the famous Feynman diagram, that depicts the energy transfer during phase transition of quantum particles, even though that is what it reminds me of. Maybe, the diagram that is closer to those lines is the Jabłoński diagram, by a polish scientist Aleksander Jabłoński. The main goal was to simplify the graphic in our sign.

Next change can be seen in the letters “Sadowski”, where “S” can resemble fins of a fan in a cooler. The rest of the letters stayed more or less the same, they can be seen as lines or refrigeration pipelines. They have been shortened a bit.

Our new logo, similarly to our thirty years old “Inuit”, is a registered trademark in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Dariusz Sadowski

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