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Apart from our other services in the field of industrial refrigeration, as well as the construction and installation of refrigerating machinery indoors, we offer ones in for of a container.

HORTUS is an equipment, paired with services, giving a complete, quality refrigeration solution, suiting the need of the Client, who does not want in the nearest ten to fifteen years come back to the issue of refrigeration using an intermediate factor, such as water, glycol or potassium formate. It is the solution for the Client, who decided to lower the power consumption, or for the one who does not want to build a whole building dedicated for refrigeration machinery.

Container ammonia chillers HORTUS are designed for places where in the production process there is a need for refrigeration and the best solution is to use an intermediate factor. Those places are among others: dairy industry, processing plants of fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables, as well as breweries.

Container ammonia chillers are standard refrigerating machinery, that have been put in a container.

Chillery amoniakalne.

The example of Container ammonia chillers HORTUS application

One of our Container Ammonia Chiller HORTUS, that was build a few years ago, we delivered and activated in a fish processing plant. There the ammonia chills the potassium formate through an exchanger. The formate is then through the coolers pick up the heat and then is chilled again in an evaporator. The refrigerant is transported by pumps. The entire hydraulic clutch is in the container, as well as the power and control cabinet and the ammonia detection unit.

  • Another HORTUS ammonia container chiller cools the water that returns to the tanks after cooling the autoclaves.
  • There is also an option to use an evaporator where ammonia is used to cool the glycol. For example, the already chilled glycol is delivered to Uni-Tanks’ coils, where one of mankind’s most favorite beverages is made: beer.
  • HORTUS ammonia container chillers can be successfully used for air conditioning installations.
  • HORTUS ammonia container chillers are available with either a dry cooler, which cools the glycol for the ammonia plate condenser, and with the commonly used spray-evaporative condenser.
  • Wherever one needs this industrial device, in example in large complexes: hotel industry, exhibition halls or office buildings, so wherever there is a need for a large-scale air-conditioning of rooms and buildings. Above 500 kW.

Chillery amoniakalne Hortus.

HORTUS ammonia container chillers are safe and build with the natural environment in mind

They are safe because made in accordance with procedures that guarantee high-quality workmanship, which means: safety. Application of manufacturing standards in accordance with the applicable European Directives, Standards, including the Pressure Equipment Directive. The ammonia container chillers are CE marked. They are characterized by a very low ammonia filling.

Environment friendly. They have a low demand for electricity in relation to theirs cooling capacity. They also have a little ammonia charge.

COP = 4.69

For compressors:

To = + 2C

Tk = + 35C

COP = QO / PE = 506 kW / 103.4 kW = 4.89

As we mentioned earlier, HORTUS is an equipment, paired with services, giving a quality refrigeration solution, suiting the need of the Client, who does not want in the nearest ten to fifteen years come back to the issue of refrigeration.

What can be summed up with one statement:


Complete, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly: HORTUS Ammonia Container Chillers.

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