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During the warranty period as well as after it, our systems need overviews, in order to exchange new parts but also reduce the probability of failure, especially  in those which are the most commonly used to maintain the flow of work in periods when they are needed the most.

Our service have comprehensive care and applies to every component of refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, industrial or automation system.

We deal with, among others:

  1. Overviews of refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation systems, industrial systems and industrial automation,
  2. Exchange of ventilation filters,
  3. Repair of screw and reciprocating refrigeration compressors,
  4. Examination of safety valves,
  5. Overviews of cooling tunnels,
  6. Repairs of pressure tanks,
  7. Repairs of cooling tunnels,
  8. Repairs of valves,
  9. Conversion of refrigeration systems working on withdrawn refrigerant to a new one allowed by law regulations,
  10. Integration of control systems with existing systems of technological process control (In case of system not designed by us, we will need a source code).

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